Socially Responsible Enterprise

Doesburg Components, and the Gietburg Group as a whole, is aware of its responsibility towards society. As a producer in the CNC-machining industry, we are part of an industry with a high level of energy consumption. In addition, we supply sectors in which energy and fuel consumption and their reduction are current issues.

The automotive industry is fully engaged in reducing fuel consumption. In this endeavor, making vehicles lighter plays an important role. That is why Doesburg Components continuously looks for ways to make components lighter when developing new products. This is done in cooperation with the customer. The advantage can be found primarily in the material employed and the shape of the component.

Moreover, we critically watch our energy consumption. Doesburg Components keeps its own energy consumption accurately in check and constantly looks for new opportunities to save energy. Accordingly, all lighting in the production halls as well as the office space has been replaced by energy-saving LED-lights.

Furthermore, we make use of a drainage system in order to reuse cooling liquid. Also the already used hardened inserts are re-used (cradle to cradle).