A completely integrated process

Doesburg Components works with the Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) concept. This means that we start the cooperating process with our customers right from the start of the development of a new product. During the whole process, we continue to monitor the process by keeping in touch with our customers.

The Gietburg Group has a lot of professional know-how in-house, which makes it possible to launch the production of an end product quickly and easily.

Within the Gietburg Group, we provide development, cast work, as well as the processing and assembly of various components. Other than that,  we offer to have the end product painted by external companies with any lacquer required. As a novelty, we can now also clean the produced components industrially. When doing this we adhere to strictly set cleanliness requirements. This integrated process leads to a high-quality end product, which can be delivered to the customer’s assembly line directly.

The Early Supplier Involvement, in combination with the presence of our own engineers at the customer’s site, enables us to achieve great time savings during the development phase. This is beneficial because it enables us to take into account the designated circumstances of the development phase. In doing so, the customer receives a product that is immediately ready for serial production. This approach is highly efficient and shortens the testing phase immensely. Thus, the customer saves a lot of time and therefore money. The advantage of the Gietburg Group manifests itself in quick delivery, high quality and cost efficiency.